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Chips lead worldwide innovation

Without chips we can't live in smart houses, drive our autonomous cars or communicate through a 5G network. CITC implements chip technology in answering the societal challenges of the 21th century.

Image: Fotowerk

Image: fotowerk


Four programlines have been defined by CITC team

  1. Thermal high-performance packaging (Rugged interconnects for Power Semiconductors & Molding compound with improved thermal conductivity)
  2. RF chip packaging (Antenna-in-Package: Evolutionary track & Revolutionary track)
  3. Digital package manufacturing (Printing of RDL circuit, Die integration, Supporting activities)
  4. Integrated photonic chip packaging (Piece-wise assembly & Wafer Level packaging)

With a yearly cycle of development within these programlines, based on the company inputs, CITC will demonstrate prototype chip packages and work on ensuring relevance and direct deployable results. If you want more details on one of these topics, please contact us.

A new generation of chips

At this moment, the abilities of chips are limited to either calculating, measuring or communicating. 

That's why a new generation of chips will be developed at CITC: integrated chips. Through integration of multiple modules and functions within one package, chips can be used in a new way. Considering where chip technology has already brought us today, it's exciting to think about where it will take us tomorrow. A smart society was never closer.

Bridge to the future 

Another challenge of the Dutch semiconductor industry  is developing knowledge from academic research into market-ready products.

There's a significant gap between a PhD'er developing one sample over a period of four years and a multinational with a production level of billions. This gap is called the Valley of Death. CITC is an open innovation centre, where knowledge institutes and corporations come together, sharing their knowledge. This way academic research leads to technological innovations. Instead of a Valley of Death, CITC creates a 'Bridge to the Future'. Turning the proof of principle into a market-ready concept.


Human capital 

The semiconductor industry is challenged in attracting 'human capital'.

CITC will be a centre for talent development. Students are offered the chance to contribute in issues regarding chip integration, while gaining experience about different aspects of the chip industry.

Next to strategic thinking, we have to 'do things'. Resulting in a variety of activities, for university, HBO- and MBO-students. Not only from Nijmegen, not only from the Netherlands, but on a global level. CITC is a centre of education and human capital for all levels of education and all nationalities.

Application domains

Our society is changing. Our future is sustainable and smart. Chip technology is key to future innovations. At CITC the future is created.

Smart Energy 

Combining new technology with materials can significantly reduce the energy consumption of electronic devices. Quite necessary, considering the fact that watching one hour of film a week on your smartphone uses more energy per year than two refrigerators together.


Smart Mobility 

Electricity-driven cars (like Tesla) and buses (VDL) can only continue if 'high-power'-chips are developed, able of handling large energy-flows without high losses. Self-driving cars can't communicate fast and safely without the 5g-network, a new wireless network. For developing this network, new and efficient chips are necessary.


Smart Care 

New chips enable 'point-of-care'-solutions.
Patients no longer need to visit a hospital, little devices can track and/or measure their health at home. Health & High Tech startup Enzyre developed an integrated chip (together with NXP and Sencio), enabling patients to autonomously
perform coagulation tests.


Smart Agro/Food 

The future of the agriculture and food sector lies in smart farming. Digital technologies like robotics and sensor technology play a crucial role in this future. Data collection through sensors with microchip technology. Precision agriculture through a combination of GPS, ICT and robotica. Innovations leading to the agriculture and food industry of the future. 


Evolving chip technology is no one-man job. That's why CITC is a Triplehelix collaboration. Governments, businesses and knowledge institutes are working together in developing a new generation of chips. The activities of CITC are supported by a vast ecosystem:




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