CITC at Benelux RF Conference

On Wednesday the 28th of November the 3th edition of the Benelux RF Conference took place. Specialists in radiofrequenty from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands came together at the Novia Tech Campus in Nijmegen for an informative day.

Benelux RF Conference is the place to be for designers in the RF industry to share their newest products and excange knowledge with one another. Not only were there speakers from the RF industry and was there an opportunity to network, visitors could also participate in workshops to get their hands on the newest technologies fort he first time. Benelux RF Conference attracted 187 visitors and therefore continues its yearly growth.

Organiser Nieke Roos is happy with this result. “We organise multiple events each year and we notice its getting increasingly harder to make people leave their home for a congress. Benelux RF Conference however grows every year. The added workshops were a success. Next year we want to also include students at our event so they also can have a look in the future.”

The goals of Benelux RF Conference are similar to the goals of CITC. Both try to minimize the gap between developers and producers in the technological sector. CITC therefore was present to explain their role in an ever changing technological industry to all technical managers, researchers and engineers attending the event.