Business development manager for CITC | Nijmegen

Would you like to be one of the pioneers to build and expand a new R&D center in the field of chip integration, engaging with leading industries in automotive, healthcare technology and other high-tech sectors? Then you are welcome at CITC in Nijmegen, a joint initiative of Stichting CITC, TNO and TU Delft, supported by leading partners from the chip industry, universities active in this field and public parties such as the province of Gelderland and the city of Nijmegen.

Your main goals are to globally identify companies for which chip packaging and integration is relevant, to gain understanding of key trends and industrial needs, to develop attractive and valuable propositions for these companies within the scope of CITC’s program lines and capabilities and to negotiate and conclude contracts with them. To achieve these goals, you will work closely with program management, experts and business development colleagues (for instance of TNO / Holst Centre, making use of synergies between CITC and Holst Centre). You will be employed by TNO and you will be a member of CITC’s management team.

For the entire job description and information on how to apply, please view the TNO website